What do you want to do?

About 12 years ago, I found myself “in transition”. I was out of a job.  I could lie and say it was due to downsizing, belt tightening, merger, etc.  Truth is….I was fired!  I deserved to be fired.  I hated what I was doing….the company I was doing it for….and was generally just miserable. But…I didn’t know it!  As I started to trudge the same path (outplacement, networking groups, etc.) that millions of my peers have been through, I met lots of people who wanted to help.  They usually asked the same question:  “What do you want to do?”  The simple truth was I DID NOT KNOW!  I knew what I had done, could do, would do….but WANT TO???? Clueless.  This blog will share the process I went through of self discovery, clarity, and learning not only what I wanted to do….but what I wanted to do passionately.  I’ll share what worked for me….simple, yet powerful questions I had to answer, that will, hopefully, add value to people who end up reading this blog.  If it helps one person, that’s great!