One Page Business Plan: We use this web-based tool as the foundation for an extraordinary leadership process resulting in greatly improved planning, alignment, communication and accountability.

Executive Coaching: Provides the opportunity to meet yourself in a different way and engaging in conversation between your “inner” and “outer” self. The dialog helps you discover your own greatness and honor your true potential.

Coaching frees you to examine questions that cannot be asked elsewhere and fosters a way of listening to yourself while imagining bigger possibilities. It helps you expand your horizons and vision.

The Executive Coach acts as a sounding board helping you clearly define what you want and establish the plan for realizing your goals. It enhances personal creativity while honing leadership skills.

World Class Board Development: Why do boards often fail to live up to their potential? What makes some board “click” and others have no momentum? Can boards be built which are effective for both the organization and provide real value to each board member? What assumptions need to be examined before board members are recruited.

World Class Board Retreats create the energy to build stronger, highly focused and effective boards. They are held in venues which foster a collegial atmosphere and encourage creative thinking while addressing strategic priorities. Board members participate because they receive real value in exchange for the contributions they are making to the organization.

Unlike traditional board “retreats”, these are not just another business meeting. They require as much planning and preparation as a wedding for your only daughter. They are memorable. Life changing. Business changing. Simply not to be missed.

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